What Are Superfoods and What Are Their Advantages to the Immune System?

People desiring a healthy body look around health food stores and online to find healthy supplements. They read words like "immune system," "organic," "non-GMO," and "superfood." This is a language many are aware they need to learn, but there are so many articles on all of them, that it's confusing. This is how an organic immune system booster pertains to a healthy body.


A superfood is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide very few calories. Some superfoods are berries, dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale, garlic, turmeric, acidic fruits like oranges and lemons, and some nuts.


Organic means derived from living matter like plants. Organic also means that a food is not taking its nutrition from chemicals in fertilizers, pesticides, or anything artificial at all. More and more farms are turning to organic farming methods due to the detrimental effects of chemicals on the body. Foods marked organic are only allowed to be so if they are 90 percent organic. Anything else is "somewhat" organic.

Immune System

At the base of the human body is the immune system. A germ, virus, or other destructive entity cannot enter the human body without a fight. When it does, the immune system dukes it out with the foreign entity. The body might ache, have flu symptoms, or some other problem, but that's the foreign entity exiting the body. Vitamin C is the best thing for the immune system's health.

Benefits of Superfoods

When fresh fruits and vegetables are bought from farmer's markets or roadside stands, they haven't been processed to death so much so that the nutrients are gone. Those nutrients, along with an organic immune system booster, nourish the cells of the body, providing proteins and antioxidants. The cells strengthen the organs, blood, skin, and hair; basically, the whole body. Rooted Shots will help you understand when you contact them for more information via www.RootedShots.com.

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