Ginger Lemon Cayenne Pepper



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Packed with 500mg of Vitamin C and over 1,000mg of dried Organic Ginger, this shot supports your immune system and aids in digestion.*

20 packets per box

The Superfoods at work:

Organic Ginger (natural detoxifier)

Ginger and Turmeric are closely related, and share many of the same properties. The active ingredient in Ginger is Gingerol (scientists are so creative). Gingerol fights inflammation, aids in digestion, and reduces nausea. Not to mention, it’s antiviral, so it’s one of our body's toughest defenders.*

Organic Lemon (has it all)

In addition to their high levels of Vitamin C, lemons have antibacterial properties that help fight infections and colds in real time. And in their off time? - they support your immune system so it’s better equipped to protect your body.*

Organic Cayenne Pepper (natural pain relief)

Cayenne Pepper contains capsaicin, an active plant compound that has pain-relieving properties. Capsaicin works by decreasing the intensity of pain signals sent through the body, which is one reason why it’s often an ingredient in things like over-the-counter pain relievers. Cayenne also adds some throat-soothing heat to our shots.*

Graphic showing the flavor profile of this variety. Fruit 0 out of 10, Tart 8 out of 10, Spice 10 out of 10.

How to use

  • Pour our dry powder into a glass.
  • Add 4-12 oz of water.
  • Stir until dissolved & enjoy.

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