We Put Two Imperfect Choices Together to Make One Ideal Solution.

We started small in our own kitchen, tinkering with piles of roots, fruits, and peppers. After finding our core ingredients, we began working with our food chemist to establish our quantities and nutritional benefits. Now we have three plant-based shots with over 500mg of Vitamin C and organic superfoods to give you the immunity support you deserve.*

Meet Our Shots

100% plant-based wellness blends packed with 500mg of Vitamin C and antioxidants derived from real superfoods.*

They're Easy to Use

Pour our powdered immunity support into 4oz-12oz of water, stir, & let your immune system (and taste buds) enjoy.*

Want to take a closer look?

Meet all of our ingredients up close and see what they bring to your table (they like to show off).

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Orange Strawberry

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Turmeric Orange Ginger Black Pepper

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Ginger Lemon Cayenne Pepper

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